riot 2010

it appears that everyones talking about the g20 summit in toronto. i'm not going to pretend that i know much but after spending the last few hours watching videos and reading articles and i've concluded that this is hands down the biggest thing thats happened to toronto in a long time.. and its going to be frickin' scary.

check out this site for information on why people are protesting

also watch videos from last years g20 riots in pittsburgh. they spent $20 million in security costs. this time, it will be $1.1 billion. you do the math. this is disgusting.

i will in the area at this time (seeing isis' last show in montreal and then arriving back in toronto the 24th. r.i.p!) and there is no doubt a riot is going to erupt. i will be around to peacefully protest. im going to be in the middle of it all, abide to the law, not act violently, and just pray and forgive and watch the world go to shreds in front of me.

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