do your damnedest dammit

recent life, condensed:
newmarket, friends, bonfire, tito's pizza, pokemon blue, first time at cottage, blowing bubbles, hammock, perogies, late nights, montreal, cave in, isis (last show, r.i.p), more late nights, more pokemon, more perogies, toronto, g20 (boy, what a mess), illinois, cornerstone, old faces, new faces, ramen noodles, folk punx, tallbikes, fireworks, sleeping in parking lots (and being awoken by 4 cops), cereal, movies, mad hangouts, jamming, parks, frozen yogurt, being broke, and mooching food off all my friends.

there's something very heavy on my heart right now but its big and confusing and involves other people in a way but to put it simply theres a lot of things i hate, and im also everything i hate, and im feeling very alone, and its hard to grow alone. and im surprised im alive. and no one should make life commitments, or promises. and i've got little hope in the church. and i can tell you lots of terrible things, but you know what is good? G-d is good.

i'll explain it soon and try not bring any names into it.